Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Ciao from Italy!

Sunday Paul and Dan took a 3 hour walk while I sat at the pool and read. It was funny to watch the resort fill up with the locals who came for a dip in the hot pool. The women had on wool suits and coats then changed to swim suits and terry cloth robes. They hung their suits and coats over the lounge chairs and went for a swim.

Monday Dan took Paul and I to the train station and we went to Rome again, it takes about an hour and a half to get there. Some of the museum were closed on Monday and when we got there we found out that St Peter's was closed because of a holy day. We went on a guided tour of the Colosseum and the Palintine Hills. It was overcast with a few sprinkles. We took the metro back to the train station and had baked pasta and tarts for lunch. We got on the metro again and went to Vatican City. By the time we got off the metro and came up from underground it was pouring rain, we bought cheap umbrellas and walked about eight blocks to St Peters. There were people roaming around but the place was virtually empty. The only area we were able to enter was the Tomb of the Popes. I think 16 popes are buried there including Pope John Paul. St. Peter is also buried there and seeing that was a moving experience.

We took the metro back to the central station and by that time we were pretty WET! We then took the Eurostar back to Naples and a bus to the bungalow. By the time we got back it was about 10:00 and to say the least we were pooped.

Today we are doing laundry and resting. It is much cooler here now and it looks like it'll be like this through the rest of my stay. I'm glad I got to enjoy a few warm days. Tonight we are going to eat Chines with Dan and Ray and friends. Tomorrow (Wednesday) we are going to Florence and will stay overnight so I will write more after that. Ciao. N

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